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CAB EOS Thermal Transfer Printer
The key feature of the new EOS is that it is the first label
printer to be fitted with a touchscreen as standard.
This makes it easy to call up existing labels,
add data and print them off - all without being connected to a PC.
Complete labels can be saved to a USB memory stick or
the internal memory of the EOS printer.

OPR-2001 Laser Scanner
The OPR 2001 is the newest innovation in
laser barcode scanning from Opticon.
Matching the OPR 2001’s aggressive scanning
performance with its stylish award winning design
make the OPR 2001 not only a powerful business tool,
but also a unique peripheral to your computer system

OPN2002, connect to iPad or iPhone or Android Phone
The OPN2002 is a Bluetooth memory scanner,
combining convenient barcode data collection with
flexible communication options.

DCL-1531 Data Collector
After scanning a barcode with a speed of 100 scans per second,
the collected data is stored on the on-board memory automatically.
The LCD display allows easy readability of as many as 10 lines of
information providing the user inside in the scanning process.

OPH-1004 Laser Scanner
This device passed drop tests from a height of 1.5 meters,
and is sealed up to IP 54 standards.
The small size and stylish design is combined with a wonderfully
straightforward and clear user interface. Physically,
the OPH1004 weighs only 140 grams and is approximately the size of a mobile phone.

TOSHIBA Tec B-SA4 barcode label printer
The TOSHIBA Tec B-SA4 barcode label printer provides the functionality and robustness of an industrial printer with the compact footprint and ease of use of a desktop printer.For ultimate networking capabilities, it comes with a wide variety of communication interfaces, enabling you to manage your whole network of printers from a central source.

For fast, on-demand labelling and ticketing direct from your desktop, look no further than the trustworthy B-EV4 range from Toshiba.
With market-leading features, exceptional build quality and reliability, produce professional labels quickly and easily at the touch of a button.

OPL 9728 Barcode Data Collector with Keypad and IrDA Interface
The OPL 9728 barcode data collector comes with keypad, LCD display, and real-time clock with data memory.
The product is so small (129mmx44x22.3mm by dimensions and 100g by Weight) that it accompanies a user all the time


OPD 7335 2D Barcode Scanner
Opticon First 2D Barcode Scanner
2D Code Symbologies : PDF417, DataMatrix and QRCode
USB Interface